March 2021 | Reykjavík, Iceland | Flæði

August/September 2021 | Wrocław, Poland | Surowiec

Concept of my work is at some point an antonim of society’s requirements towards women – their
temperament, role in a society, body image, the ability to decide about themselfs. I show women as
an energy, an element that they represent- not as an social construct of a wife, a mother, a good
lover, a friagle, emotional person who does not have a rights to her own body, her own point of
view etc. I refer to the four elements- the water, the fire, the ground and the air, which seem to be so
different but equally important. Nudity in my work is a symbol of the full connection with nature.
Your own nature which translates into life with individual values, beliefs, as well as living in
harmony with the environment. While living in Iceland we can connect with uncompromising
forces of nature. We can realize that we can not make it subordinate to us and all that remains is to
live in harmony with it. This is also reflected in the nature of man. Only getting along with our own
true self – with our experiences, values, feelings, and desires – will enable us to live a fulfilled life.